Astana within 48 Hours

2 days/1 night

“City of peace” – so loudly and proudly was named the capital of Kazakhstan! The youngest capital of the world is growing almost at the speed of light. Although now it is safe to say that Astana is a Paradise oasis in the middle of the Golden steppe. We invite you to an informative and exciting two-day tour of the city of Astana.

  • Day 1

    -City tour. During the tour you will visit: the residence of the President of Kazakhstan, the area of “young Alan”, a monument to founders of the Kazakh khanate the khans Kerey and Zhanibek khans, a monument of the last Kazakh Khan Kenesary, Embankment of Ishim river, the Mosque “Hazret-Sultan”, Palace of Independence, Palace of peace and accord (Pyramid), the national Museum of Kazakhstan, presidential residence AK Orda, the House of Ministries, Supreme Court and other state institutions, the monument “Baiterek”, Water-green nurzhol Boulevard, the SEC “Khan Shatyr, the Opera house “Astana Opera”, etc.

    -Visiting of  monument “Baiterek”, national Museum, mosque “Hazret Sultan”.


  • Day 2

    -After breakfast visiting of Exhibition and Museum Complex “Nur Alem”.

    -“Nur Alem” is the largest spherical building in the world with a diameter of 80 meters, a height of 100 meters. On the 1st floor of the building there is a pavilion of Kazakhstan, where visitors will get acquainted with the history, culture, traditions, attractions, as well as the latest achievements of Kazakhstan. Digital, multimedia and interactive technologies will expand the possibilities of perception of the exhibition space, located on the 2-8 floors of the Museum of the future, where the main types of energy are demonstrated — space, sun, biomass, wind, water and kinetics.

    -Visiting of the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Mega silk way”, the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Khan Shatyr”. Shopping.


    -Visiting of the Palace of Peace and Harmony, and this building we call the pyramid, as the building was created according to the exact standards of ancient Egyptian pyramids, but made of glass and metal.

    -Dinner in the national style.