Vacation in Astana

2 nights

We invite you to sightseeing tours for students in Astana. In order for a child to be brought up as a person, he / she should study well and develop comprehensively, expanding his / her horizons. The tours offered by our company for schoolchildren are not just interesting excursions, but an opportunity to get in touch with the history and the present day of the city, to learn and discover a lot!

  • Day 1


    11: 00 – Meeting, transfer to the hotel;

    13: 00-Visit to the Military History Museum of the Armed forces of Kazakhstan;

    14: 30-Lunch;

    16:00-tour of the city. During the tour you will visit: the residence of the President of Kazakhstan, the area of “young Alan”, a monument to founders of the Kazakh khanate the khans Kerey and Zhanibek khans, a monument of the last Kazakh Khan Kenesary, Embankment of Ishim river, the Mosque “Hazret-Sultan”, Palace of Independence, Palace of peace and accord (Pyramid), the national Museum of Kazakhstan, presidential residence AK Orda, the House of Ministries, Supreme Court and other state institutions, the monument “Baiterek”, Water-green nurzhol Boulevard, the SEC “Khan Shatyr, the Opera house “Astana Opera”, etc.;

    19: 00-Dinner;

    Military-Historical Museum of the Armed forces of Kazakhstan: the hall of the Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan the hall for periodic exhibitions, the hall of Antiquity — nineteenth century, the hall of the military history of the XX century, the hall of weapons of the XX-XXI century, hall of fine arts, as well as atrium “History of military Affairs of Kazakhstan”;

  • Day 2


    10:00-Visit Of “Nazarbayev Center”;

    12: 00-Excursion to the national art gallery;

    13: 00-Lunch;

    15:00-Visit to the monument “Baiterek»;

    Free time;

    18: 00-Dinner;

    Nazarbayev Center-another building in Astana, by which you will not be able to pass, it is “Nazarbayev Center”. Its original architectural character, designed by British architect Norman foster, symbolizes the vitality of modern Kazakhstan. It resembles a huge eye that rushes into the sky. Multifunctional building “Nazarbayev Center” has an area of more than 28 thousand square meters and consists of 9 floors. The total storage Fund of the library is designed for 460 thousand units, of which closed funds — up to 200 thousand units. The technical uniqueness of this structure lies in the special design of the roof, through which the diameter of the span reaches 81 meters.

  • Day 3


    11: 00-Visit To The Museum Of The First President;

    13:00-visit of the exhibition-the Museum complex “Nural ‘” (the Museum of energy of the future);



    Visit the shopping center “Mega silk way”;


    21: 00 – transfer to the railway station;

    “Nur Alem” is the largest spherical building in the world with a diameter of 80 meters, a height of 100 meters. On the 1st floor of the building there is a pavilion of Kazakhstan, where visitors will get acquainted with the history, culture, traditions, attractions, as well as the latest achievements of Kazakhstan. Digital, multimedia and interactive technologies will expand the possibilities of perception of the exhibition space, located on the 2-8 floors of the Museum of the future, where the main types of energy are demonstrated – space, sun, biomass, wind, water and kinetics.