Beauties of Mangystau

This tour is held under the General motto “travel, changing consciousness”. It is made so as not to disturb the fragile ecological balance of the nature of the region!

  • Day 1

    Arrival in Aktau. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel.

  • Day 2

    Early breakfast;
    Departure from Aktau, Kazakhstan, the Karagiye depression;

    Inspection of the Karagiye depression from the observation deck;
    It is said there was a lake  on this place a long time ago, and its name was Batyr – “Brave warrior”. Then formed a depression. Its length is 40 km, width 10 km from the formation of the depression associated with the leaching process of the salt rocks, filler and karst processes that occurred on the coast of the Caspian sea.

    Necropolis and underground mosque Shopan-ata is one of the largest and oldest burial and cult complexes in Mangystau. Numerous buildings of the ensemble date back to a wide period of time between the IX-XIX centuries.


    Bozzhira tract is located in the Western part. Here all white-canyons, peaks, mountains-towers, mountains-castles, mountains-yurts. Mark of bozzhira are two limestone peaks, known for its shape Fangs (the ABC tester). Their height from the base reaches more than 200 meters. If the group goes by jeeps, it is possible to drive up to the peaks closely, if by bus, then a walk to azu tister from the Parking lot of the bus (3 km).

    Tea party;

    Arrival in Beket-ata. Dinner. Relaxing.
    Becket-ata is known as a foreteller and prophet, who opened the Book of Genesis. He also became famous as a healer, a person who knows the laws of physics, mathematics, astronomy. Underground mosque Beket-ATA is located in the area of ogland in Mangistau region. Dates back to the XVIII century. It is a Holy place, which is important in line with the graves of Muhammad and Khoja Ahmed Yassawi.

  • Day 3

    The ascent and inspection of the mosque Beket-ata;

    The underground mosque Beket-ata occupies a special position in the Muslim world. It is a Holy place, which is important in line with the graves of Muhammad and Khoja Ahmed Yassawi.. For two centuries, pilgrims come here to worship the Holy spirit. According to popular belief, the Sufi Beket-ATA does not leave in trouble those who turn to him for help. Legends say that one mention in the conversation of the name Beket-ATA can lead to trouble, and prayer in the mosque is able to perform a miracle;


    10:00 – Departure towards the village of Shetpe;

    13: 00 – Inspection Of The Valley Of Castles;

    The system of small remains is known among the local population under the name of Airakty-Shomanay. In 1851, being in exile here visited the great Ukrainian poet and artist Taras Shevchenko. These mountains are so impressed with what he did here a series of drawings under the poetic name “the Valley of Castles”. Yaraktinskoe mountains really look like fairytale castles with spires, towers, colonnades and walls;

    The Mountain Sherkala;

    Some argue that it resembles a bowl, which turned the impatient traveler. Others claim that the mountain is similar to a Yurt on the one hand, and on the other hand – to the hidden animal. Stands in the middle of the desert expanses proud Sherkala – mountain-Sphinx capricious and does not tolerate the curious onlookers. It is difficult to climb, even harder to get off, its caves are not allowed – they are inhabited by spirits. So assure local old-timers. Sherkaly considered one of the shrines Mangistau;


    Further inspection of archaeological excavations of the settlement Kyzyl-Kala or inspection of an exit of clays of the Jurassic period in the place of Kokala;

    The settlement consists of the remains of a fortification, surrounded by numerous mansions. The archaeologists have suggested that written sources of this settlement is mentioned as an impregnable fortress Mangyshlak (according to one version the name translates as “Big village”);

    Kokala is a small time tunnel in the era of dinosaurs. We will not see fossilized bones or traces of reptiles that disappeared a long time ago, but we can touch the real charcoal of the 170-200 million-year-old burning forest where dinosaurs roamed. Nature wonderfully blurred layers of clay, creating a layered mountain of bumps, columns, mushrooms, pyramids and mini canyon with intricately cut sides;


    Transfer to Aktau airport.