The Pearl of the Area – Korgalzhyn State Nature Reserve
1 Day

We offer you one-day tour to the Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve.

Korgalzhyn reserve remains an unknown place even for locals, despite the fact that it is only three hours away by car from Astana and it is there that many different species of birds are concentrated. It should be noted that Korgalzhyn is listed in the list of natural areas that are, according to the qualification of UNESCO, part of the world’s natural heritage.

A vast swampy area, a combination of virgin steppe and lake, is the habitat of wolves, wild boars and saiga, but it is birds, especially pink flamingos, that attract everyone’s attention.

Located at the intersection of two bird migration routes, this marshland is home to a large number of birds (only lake Tengiz can feed 15 million birds). This area, most of which is under state protection (reserve), is home to the largest and most Northern population of pink flamingos. The population of pink flamingos is one of the 300 species of birds inhabiting here, including Asia’s largest population of birds of prey, as well as pelicans, storks and several species of birds of prey.

Many birds can be seen in spring and summer (from mid-April to September). Usually flamingos arrive in Korgalzhin for the whole spring-summer period. During two weeks in late April – early may steppe lights up with bright colors: tulips begin to bloom. In the winter months, a popular fishing hole on the ice.