To found the travel agency

We are ready to offer you professional assistance in the foundation and opening of a business – if you decide to open a travel agency, found /buy a tour company, become a co-owner of a travel agency, then we are ready to become your reliable guide to the world of travel business. Our experience and practical knowledge can help you to rationally build your plans and optimize costs, avoid mistakes and wrong actions







To existing companies

If you are the owner of an operating company that is in development, we offer you:

Accounting for aviation / travel agencies is a multifaceted task, which includes knowledge of general accounting and specifics of the work of the travel agency. Our experience allows us to become your reliable partner. With us you do not need an accountant, we take care of all the accounting work in your company.

Our pride is the 1 C information base, adapted for the air travel agency, with a detailed unloading of air tickets, which will allow you to keep accounting and operational records online and remotely at any place of  the world.

The need for staff training

A competitive environment that exists among different companies dictates its rules and prompts that sooner or later it is necessary to ask the question of increasing the efficiency of work. The greatest value of the company is always the personnel, because the profit of the company depends on it more than from any other asset. In addition, the team of professionals is an indisputable advantage of the company.

Our agency offers the best solution of the issue of improving the efficiency of the company – it is the training of personnel in programs and techniques that meet modern requirements. This approach in turn allows us not only to train new staff in a short period of time, but also without stopping business processes to train employees by minimizing their diverting from the work. Personnel training with us is an opportunity to get our luggage of theoretical and practical knowledge

5 signs that it’s time for your company to implement CRM

  • Your accounting and management system – tables in Excel, notebooks and pencil
  • You have a well-established base of your customers
  • Your customers are leaving
  • You can not quickly contact clients or partners
  • You can not predict the further situation
  • Your company is growing

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a customer relationship management system that allows you to regulate all related information.

One of the key factors for the success of a travel company is a good relationship with customers. The company’s profit depends on skills of the sales manager and his ability to establish contact with the tourist. CRM system allows you to track the development of relationships with customers, coordinate multilateral relationships with regular customers and manage sales, marketing and after-sales service. All this makes it possible not only to automate interaction with customers and the sales process, but to build their work in such a way as to obtain the maximum result, attract today’s valuable clients and retain tomorrow’s promising ones.