Corporate service

Corporate service is a complex of activities aimed at optimizing and monitoring of business trips and corporate events of our clients, which is part of the business process of your company.

Our goal is to provide you with an opportunity to concentrate on your core business by getting all the necessary services from the company “Triumph Travel”. Supporting the close partnership, we are constantly improving the process of our work to maximize the compliance of provided services with the client’s needs – your needs!


Advantages of corporate services:

  • Efficiency and modern technologies for providing services.
  • Priority in service with the appointment of a personal manager-supervisor
  • Reception and confirmation of the order in an any way convenient for the client.
  • Selection of the optimal trip route taking into account the client’s budget, his wishes and the principles of corporate policy.
  • Payment for services in a way convenient for the customer: non-cash payment, credit cards, cash.
  • Free consultations of specialists on any issues in the field of tourism.

The company “Triumph Travel” will provide you:

  • Delivery of air and railway tickets;
  • Business trips;
  • Organization of private charter flights;
  • Travel for participation in exhibitions and conferences;
  • Corporate events and celebrations;
  • Incentive and teambuilding programs;
  • Leisure and travel for the company’s employees on special terms (i.e. an additional opportunity to motivate your employees).

You can evaluate our service by ordering any of the mentioned above services and take well-considered decision about the further work. Personal managers work for you every day, without days off and you can contact them at any time of day and night!

We will be happy to see you among our Corporate Clients!