South Kazakhstan. Holy path.

3 days/ 2 nights

Some tourists travel to Shymkent and Turkestan to visit the holy places, to make a hadj.

Other people go to visit Turkestan, to see historical monuments, to touch objects that are thousands of years old, listen to legends and stories associated with each place, each mausoleum and monument, to pay tribute to the memory of ancestors, to find the balance of mind.

  • Day 1 Meeting of the group in railway station/airport; Accommodation in the hotel; Breakfast at the hotel; Departure to Sayram: - Mausoleum of Karashash - Ana (Mother of K.A. Yassawi); - Mausoleum of Ibragim - Ata (Father of K.A. Yassawi); - Mausoleum of Mahmudan - Ata (Grandfather of K.A. Yassawi). Lunch in Sayram; Departure to Keme-Kalgan: - Sanctifying Rock Adam and Eva; - Box of wishes; - Stone sculptures of animals; - Healing spring; Departure to Shymkent; Dinner at the restaurant; Leisure time.
  • Day 2 Early breakfast; Departure to Turkestan; Ancient settlement Otrar; Mausoleum of Arystan-Bab; Lunch in Turkestan; Memorial complex Hazrat-Sultan; Fragment of the fortress wall; Citadel with gates, eastern bath-house; Mausoleum of K.A.Yassawi; Underground mosque Hilvet; Departure to Shymkent; Dinner at the cafe; Leisure time.
  • Day 3 Breakfast at the restaurant; Departure from the hotel; Ethno-historical complex "Kazyna"; Regional Museum of Local Lore; Alley of Glory, Abay Park; Dinner at the restaurant; Transfer to the railway station / airport.