The Mysterious Central Asia

11 days

We invite you to mysterious Central Asia, where you will visit Astana, Almaty, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara. You will visit the ancient cities of Uzbekistan with carefully preserved monuments of magnificent Eastern architecture in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.

In the “southern capital” of Kazakhstan, Almaty you will visit the Zenkov Cathedral, national musical instruments Museum, enjoy the panoramic view from the Kok-Tobe mountain and visit the Medeo gorge. We will also visit Astana – capital of modern Kazakhstan.

Astana is a beautiful Eastern city, which is now also the center of state and cultural life of Kazakhstan. The city has not only historical and archaeological sites, but also modern restaurants, shopping centers and colorful markets with local flavor. In 1999, Astana was awarded the honorary title of “city of peace” because of the large accumulation of religious monuments.

  • Day 1


    Meeting, transfer to the hotel;

    Sightseeing tour around the city;

    During the tour you will visit: the residence of the President of Kazakhstan, the area of “young Alan”, a monument to founders of the Kazakh khanate the khans Kerey and Zhanibek khans, a monument of the last Kazakh Khan Kenesary, Embankment of Ishim river, the Mosque “Hazret-Sultan”, Palace of Independence, Palace of peace and accord (Pyramid), the national Museum of Kazakhstan, presidential residence AK Orda, the House of Ministries, Supreme Court and other state institutions, the monument “Baiterek”, Water-green nurzhol Boulevard, the SEC “Khan Shatyr, the Opera house “Astana Opera”, etc.;

    Visit: monument “Baiterek”, the mosque “Hazret Sultan”;

    Lunch, dinner at the national restaurant.

  • Day 2

    Visiting of Ethnic Aul. Acquaintance with the culture of the Kazakh people.

    In the middle of the vast grass steppe of Kazakhstan, mother nature has created a miracle- a generous hand, she poured in a small area of picturesque mountains and bizarre rocks, spread a carpet of emerald pine and birch forests and flowering meadows; do not forget about the pristine lakes with clear blue water and bubbling springs is about having fun… People call this oasis “the pearl of Kazakhstan”. And yet – “Kazakh Switzerland”. Borovoye. A beautiful picturesque region, stretching on the Kokchetav hill in the North of Kazakhstan, at an altitude of 480 m above sea level at the foot of the beautiful Kokshetau mountain. Protected lands of the national natural Park, on the territory of which there are more than 40 lakes, including -14 large (pike, Kotyrkol, Big and Small chebachye, maybalik, etc.).

    Departure to Astana.

  • Day 3

    -After breakfast visiting of Exhibition and Museum Complex “Nur Alem”;

    -“Nur Alem” is the largest spherical building in the world with a diameter of 80 meters, a height of 100 meters. On the 1st floor of the building there is a pavilion of Kazakhstan, where visitors will get acquainted with the history, culture, traditions, attractions, as well as the latest achievements of Kazakhstan. Digital, multimedia and interactive technologies will expand the possibilities of perception of the exhibition space, located on the 2-8 floors of the Museum of the future, where the main types of energy are demonstrated — space, sun, biomass, wind, water and kinetics;

    Visiting of the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Mega silk way”, the Shopping and Entertainment Center “Khan Shatyr”. Shopping;


    Visiting of the Palace of Peace and Harmony, and this building we call the pyramid, as the building was created according to the exact standards of ancient Egyptian pyramids, but made of glass and metal;

    Dinner in the national style.

  • Day 4


    After Breakfast, visit BAO”, located in TRANS-ili Alatau at a height of 2511 m above sea level, 15 km South of Almaty;

    Big Almaty lake (BAO) is located in the valley of the river of the same name at an altitude of 2497 m above sea level, 25 km from Almaty. The length of the lake is about 1 km, width up to 500 m, water surface area-0.42 km2, maximum depth-38 m, the volume of water mass – 8.3 million m3. The water in the lake is clear, but with excitement it becomes cloudy. The maximum temperature reaches 12,8°. The amplitude between the extreme positions of the level during the year sometimes reaches 1 m (1933). Moreover, the lowest level is set in March, the highest – during the melting of glaciers, mainly in July–August. The lake is located at the end of an extensive trough the valley of Big Almatinka and formed podprygivaya valley end moraine of an ancient glacier. On top of the moraine are the collapse acute-angle fragments up to 3-5 m in diameter.

    Falconry show (Sunkar)

    Return to the hotel;

    Lunch / dinner.

  • Day 5

    Breakfast ;

    Departure to Charyn Canyon.

    Charyn canyon is located on the territory of Charyn national Park, created to preserve natural and geological objects. The national Park was established on 23 February 2004. The Park is home to a large number of rare and endangered species listed in the Red book. In sarytogai tract in the Park there are protected forests, where one of the most unique trees on earth grows – Sogdiy ash, which existed in the Paleogene era. Ash grove-is unique, the second similar grove is in North America. Ash grove is a protected natural monument under the auspices of UNESCO. The age of the groves, about 5 million years.

    Lunch / dinner;

    Departure to Kolsai lakes;

    Accommodation at the guest house.

  • Day 6

    Breakfast at the guest house;

    Visiting of Kolsai Lakes;

    Kolsay lakes are one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. These lakes are located at heights 1800, 2250 and 2700 meters above sea level. They are distinguished by the unique mountain watershed consisting of three natural zones and amazing variety of rare plants and animals. Kolsai lake called the pearl of Northern Tien-Shan located in 300 km from Almaty city.

    Visiting of Kaindy lake;

    Kaindy lake is famous for its origin. It was formed in 1911 as a result of a strong earthquake that caused a landslide that blocked the gorge, water flooded the gorge with pines. The water in the lake is very cold, making the needles of trees well preserved and can be seen through the transparent surface of the water. All this mystical splendor of the lake is too deep for words, there really must visit and see with your own eyes.

    Returning to the hotel.


  • Day 7

    Breakfast at hotel;

    After Breakfast, excursion around Almaty.

    Medeo. Trip outside the city to Medeo gorge. You will visit a huge dam that protects the city from floods and mudslides coming down from the peaks of the Western Tien Shan mountains. From the top of the dam, at an altitude of 1733 meters above sea level offers a beautiful view of the “Medeo” – the largest ice rink in the world , surrounded by amazing mountains of Zailiyskiy Alatau.

    In continuation of the tour-a trip by cable car to the ski resort of Chimbote and then to the pass Big Talgar, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing views of the snowy peaks of the Tien Shan. Walk through Kok-Tobe Park at the foot of the highest TV tower in Kazakhstan. From here, from the observation deck, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of Almaty. In Kok-Tobe Park you will also see a monument to the famous Liverpool four to the band “the Beatles”. At the end of the tour you will find a short ride to the city by cable car.

    Flight to Tashkent.

    Arrival, transfer to hotel, dinner.

  • Day 8


    Early breakfast and transfer to the train station by high-speed train Afrasiab at 08: 00;

    Arrival in Samarkand and sightseeing tour. The memorial complex of Bahauddin Nakshbandi;

    Summer residence of Bukhara Emir – Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa;

    Dinner and overnight in Samarkand.

  • Day 9

    Samarkand – Bukhara

    After Breakfast departure to Bukhara;

    Arrival in Bukhara at 13: 30;

    Start sightseeing tour: visiting of the Complex, Naqshibandi, Ark fortress, functioning madrassah POI-Kalyan;

    The Samanids mausoleum was built at the turn of IX-X centuries. According to legend the founder of the dynasty, Ismail Samani and later the mausoleum became the family tomb of Samanids;

    Chashma-Ayub belongs to esteemed “places of trace” (“kadamai”) left by Holy persons;

    Bolo-Hauz mosque – on the vast Registan square in front of the Arch in the past there were many exquisite architectural buildings;

    Winter residence of Bukhara Emir “Ark”;

    Kalyan minaret is the main symbol of Holy Bukhara. Minaret served not only to call Muslims to prayer, it was a symbol of power and power of spiritual rulers;

    Miri-Arab madrasah is one of the most revered spiritual Islamic educational institutions in the post-Soviet space;

    Madrasah – built in the mid-seventeenth century, Opposite the madrasah of Ulugbek and it is superior to the scale and complexity of the decor;

    Dinner and overnight in Bukhara.

  • Day 10

    Bukhara – Tashkent

    Breakfast at hotel;

    Continuation of the sightseeing;

    At 20:00 plane to Tashkent;

    Arrival in Tashkent;

    Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

  • Day 11


    Breakfast at hotel;

    Sightseeing tour in Tashkent: Khasti Imam Complex, here you can see the oldest Koran, Mustaqillik square (Independence Square);

    Transfer to airport.